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Helping those in need with a second-hand wheelchair van

A second-hand wheelchair van may be used but that does not mean that it is damaged goods. Far from it. You can and may as well include the food delivery van as wheel. In many English speaking parts of the world, they refer to these essential vehicles and the services they are required for as meals on wheels.

These vans and the volunteers that drive them from door to door are serving hot meals to the elderly and frail, to the terminally ill and even to the poor and downtrodden. Many of them can no longer get by without the use of a wheelchair. And because of their vulnerable place in society, many of them can afford essential health services, let alone get to a clinic or hospital in times of need.

This is where used wheelchair vans really come in handy. The volunteers and the NGOs they serve simply cannot afford a brand new van at this time. These volunteers are giving up of their own free time to be of service to those who are in need the most. Your circumstances may not allow you to be of similar service but you could very well be in a position to offer assistance financially. And even if you are not in a position to generously open your pocket you can still help. You can let your own private medical center administration know that there places in need. A new fleet beckons, so what to do with the old vehicles.

Simply pay it forward to the vocational clinic that will take good care of the used vans. They will repair them and oil them and prepare them well for the road ahead. It is long and very much in need.