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Moving My Car Across The Country

Moving across the country is never easy, but one of the most difficult parts of moving is making sure that you get all of your things from one place to another safely.  Because we had two cars and needed to drive a truck to get all of our stuff to our new home, we were stuck with me driving the truck, my wife driving her car, and my car with no way of getting to the new place.  This caused a huge problem for us, and so we needed to find some sort of nationwide auto transport that could safely get my car to our new home.  Because this was something that was completely new to me, I knew that I had to look into the different auto transport services available in order to figure out which one to go with.  I also did not want to have to go pick up my car, so I wanted a place that would deliver it to the door of our new home.

Well, the internet was definitely an excellent resource when it came to finding a good auto transport service.  Most of the places, of course, would require you to drop off and pick up your vehicle for them to transport it, which, to me, was just another hassle to deal with.  Thankfully, however, I was able to find a place that would pick up my car from my old house and transport it all the way across the country to the new one.  This made everything a whole lot easier for me.

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My car arrived around the same time that we did with the truck, which meant that I did not even have to go a day without it.  I was amazed by the convenience of this.