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The First Porsche Ever Made

First produced in 1948, the 356 from Porsche is the vehicle that started something great. The very first automobile made by the Porsche brand, the luxury automobile had all the qualities of a spectacular piece of art. From the moment the Porsche 356 was introduced to the world, it was magic; love at first sight. And so, 70+ years later, the Porsche name is one that we trust for luxurious, sporty driving inside a sleek, fast automobile.

Very few 356s were produced, and even fewer are still on the roadways today. Of course, the vehicle is now a collector’s item and one that you would be very proud to get your hands on. Making repairs, updates, and upgrades to the 356 is all a part of the fun of owning the car. And, when you’re done, you’ve created a classic car that exceeds all impressions that anyone could have.

If you are already the proud owner of one of the Porsche models and are looking for a payday, selling that vehicle is a great way to secure a nice chunk of change. Automobile collectors and Porsche lovers search the world to find these amazing cars. If your vehicle is in great condition, the money that you could receive is quite substantial. Even vehicles that are not in the best of condition can sell for a nice amount.

The 356 is a part of the Porsche history. It’s a fun car, so fast and so furious, that’s made to turn heads. If you are a lover of automobiles, this is a classic that is sure to win over your heart with just one look. After you hear the purr of the motor, you’ll know you’ve found a car that stands above the rest. It is one of the cars that we’ll always cherish!